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I t’s a gift this photography game, doing something you love and being paid for it. I wish I could call it work, and I can’t – it really isn’t work. That said, sometimes the universe goes the extra miles and gifts you something amazing – a cool wedding, or an amazing couple you just know you’ll be friends with for years to come. Sometimes you just meet people and think “these are my kind of people.”

We met Sheryl & Sam when we moved into our house a coupe of years ago, they live across the road and their French Bulldog Nellie quickly became a favourite of our kids when we’d see them walking past. We soon got to know each other, and before we knew it we were calling on each other for dog-sitting duties. Fast forward a couple of years and here I am, photographing their wedding at the always brilliant Shustoke Farm Barns.

“They’ve got to trust me – I’m taking these guys into battle, and I’m doing my own stapling.” – David Brent