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August 2016 9.15 am (Jo & Joey’s wedding day) – somewhere between Warwick and Redditch – 

I can’t believe this is happening to me, of all the days, all the times – why today? I’m on the side of the M40, hard shoulder and the rain is lashing down, lashing – thats not a word I’ve ever used before and I can’t think of anything more fitting. I’m due to be with Jo and the girls in 45 minutes time and here I am fearing for my life on the side of the motorway changing the wheel of my wife’s Fiat 500. I couldn’t leave her there could I? stuck with a flat tyre after her nightshift, even if I did have to be somewhere important. I was just sitting down to a fresh cup of PG Tips when the phone rang – “Matt, I’m stuck, I have a flat tyre and I need you to come help me”.


I’m anxious enough on the morning of a wedding day, checking my gear, counting my memory cards, checking the postcode, timings, trying to remember the Bride’s Mum’s name (Sandra 🙂 ). So having to dash out last minute on a rescue mission to somewhere half an hour away, is the last thing I want to be considering. But still, here I am – I’m on my way back now, the rain is worse, It’s like something out of a film, if the windscreen wipers go any faster they’ll take off. 

I’m here – bridal prep, camera in hand, the door opens – camera moves up to my eye…..

Click – we’re off…..

“You are, and always have been my dream”