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“Think outside the box, collapse the box, and take a fucking sharp knife to it.” – Banksy

I’ve spent most of my life around photography in one from or another, there was always a film camera in our house when I was a kid – documenting family life. Albums upon albums of printed photographs sit somewhere in my parents’ loft, waiting to be stumbled upon and memories brought back to life. As a kid I read a lot, comics became football magazines which were replaced by skateboarding & music magazines in my teenage years. I covered my bedroom walls with black and white photos of heroes from bands and close ups of impossible skate tricks.

Even now, 20 years later my workspace is surrounded by graphic novels, photography books and comics. It took a while though, for my obsession with visual arts to come into alignment with anything practical – almost as if I needed to find an outlet for my obsession. Photography just kind of happened, I guess the advancement of digital photography made it easy to document life. Put simply, I enjoyed taking photographs, got better and felt like I had something to offer – a fresh perspective I guess and a want to do things differently. Fast forward to today, 5 years of shooting weddings, what would my advice be to someone starting out? Here’s my top 5 tips for anyone starting out, or those who feel like they need a little reminder.

1. Be yourself – everyone else is taken right? I think a lot of people have this idea of how they should be, its easy to get caught up in yourself and put up a front, an idea of how you think you should look to your clients. I’m not talking about being professional here – obviously there are certain things that aren’t OK but being genuine is so important. My experience is that people know when you’re being genuine , and get along with it far better. Just be who you are – if you have a phone call with a couple and you mix your words up or forget what to say, who cares – just be you and they’ll love you for it!

2. Keep it simple – at the end of the day it should always be about the photos right? An awesome collection of photographs should always be enough, anything above that is a nice little bonus but don’t worry about overdoing it with snazzy parcels and gifts that aren’t needed. A handful of beautiful prints and a hand written note can have just as much impact.

3. Slow down – take your time, it’s so easy to get caught up in what you’re doing next or where you’re trying to get to. Forget that and remember that where you are now is exactly where you’re supposed to be.

4. Do it different – it’s your business, don’t be afraid to do it your way. Think outside the box, just because 1000 other photographers are doing it, doesn’t mean you have to.

5. Have fun – that’s what you’re here for right? just relax and make the most of it!


Matt Jones AKA Lucius Fox is a UK based wedding photographer photographing weddings all over the UK, Europe and internationally.

"We may not be for everyone, and that's OK."


Matt Jones AKA Lucius Fox is a UK based wedding photographer photographing weddings all over the UK, Europe and internationally. We may not be for everyone, but that's OK.


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